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For over 10 years John Cates has been making rod building videos with Flex Coat and Roger Seiders. Now John steps in front of the camera to unveil some of Roger’s never before seen tools, tips, and tricks. But why should we have all the fun, let us know about your secret tools and tricks.

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  1. I was watching some of your rod build video where you pour the resin on a piece of tin foil. I mix most any epoxy glues on the bottom of a beer can. Crush the can flat tip upside down and no spills or mess.

  2. I am curious if I can sand the 5 minute epoxy. I bought it to re coat a fiberglass stick anchor. My work didn’t turn out to be very smooth.

  3. Yes, you can sand the 5 Min Epoxy. Don’t be too aggressive too soon, let it harden for an hour before sanding. It does harden in minutes but not enough to sand or put through heavy use.

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