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Flex Coat is the same as it ever was. That is to say that our commitment to quality hasn’t changed over the last 40 plus years. We still make high end rod building finishes, glues, equipment and accessories that are built to last and made right here in the USA.

Roger Seiders started this company in 1977 and still owns Flex Coat. “Everybody wanted a good rod finish and I had it,” says Roger, and we still do. Our original High Build Formula is still our top seller and now with Lite, Ultra-V, and Lure Epoxy Gel Coat our line up of durable, flexible, high adhesion epoxies is robust.

Flex Coat is a small, world wide company that answers the phone when you call us and we have been known to chat for a half hour about rod building. We are rod builders, and design our products from experience and practice.

Flex Coat is the brand of which all others are compared. Our products and “how we do it” instructional materials and videos will help you build better custom rods than can be bought. Make it your own with Flex Coat, the original since 1977.

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