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Helpful Documents

Here are some useful guides, charts and other helpful documents to assist you in your quest to become an amazing fishing rod builder and repairer.

Measuring and Mixing Flex Coat for a Perfect Finish

(Download PDF Version)

Notes on Tip Tops and Guide

(Download PDF Version)

Fly Rod Guide Spacing Chart

GuideSpacing09(Download PDF Version)

Size Conversion Chart

(Download PDF Version)

Display of Fly Rod Handles

(Download PDF Version)

Flex Coat Repairman Flier

(Download PDF Version)

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  1. Can we buy just the roller guide stand? From your lathe setup. And do u guys have those parts in stock. I’m in Austin (Sunset Valley) area and could stop by to pickup those parts if you did have them in stock. Thanks and Happy Holidays from South Austin Guitar Repair

  2. Yes, you can buy parts to whatever we sell. Give us a call for parts pricing. 512-858-7742

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