Supplies & Accessories

Flex Coat Bone Burnishing Thread Tool

For many years here at Flex Coat we have used a tool made from a polished cow bone for burnishing and packing thread. This material seems to be the perfect hardness for working your wrap without damaging the thread or blank. Ergonomically shaped, this 5 inch tool fits comfortably in your hand. A really nice thread tool.

BB1 - Flex Coat Bone Burnishing Thread Tool

Foam Butt Disc

Create your own custom butt for your casting, spinning, or fly rod handles. Epoxy the Foam Butt to the last cork ring on your handle or fighting butt and shape it for a unique custom look. The Butt is a dense EVA foam disk 1 3/8" in diameter by 9/16". Be sure to check out our video, "Makin' a Fighting Butt", on the tips and techniques we use with these Foam Butt Discs.

FBD - EVA Foam Butt Disk 1 3/8" DIA x 9/16" H

camera Watch our Short Instructional Video "Makin a Fighting Butt"

Nylon Brushes

Very low cost, quality rod finishing brushes. Great for applying Flex Coat Rod Finish and Color Preserver

B10L - Package of 10 – 1/8" Brushes – Peg Board
B10 - Package of 10 – 1/4" Brushes – Peg Board
B85L - Bulk Pack of 85 – 1/8" Brushes
B85 - Bulk Pack of 85 – 1/4" Brushes

China Bristle Brushes

Economy Florida style brushes for applying Flex Coat Rod Finish and Color Preserver to large rods

E4 - Package of 4 – 1/2" China Bristle Brushes – Peg Board
E36 - Package of 36 1/2" Brushes

Sable Brushes

The finest pure red sable makes this brush the absolute best on the market. The firm, densely arranged sable provides superior control. This is the secret to applying finish to wraps at high RPMs. High durability provides continuous performance for months to both manufacturers and custom rod builders...cleans up easily with epoxy brush cleaner or solvent.

W6 - Package of 4-Flex Coat Sable Brushes #6 – 1/4"
W8 - Package of 4-Flex Coat Sable Brushes #8 – 3/8"
W10 - Package of 4-Flex Coat Sable Brushes #10 - 1/2"
W12 - Package of 4-Flex Coat Sable Brushes #12 – 9/16"

Color Coded Syringes

Reusable 3 cc syringes and 12 cc syringes guarantee accurate measurement of Flex Coat 50/50 mix with no silicone contamination risk.

S2 - Set of 2 Flex Coat Color Coded 3 cc Syringes - Peg Board
S12 - Set of two Flex Coat 12 cc Syringes

Open Ring Thread Scissors

Finely serrated edge make these sharp scissors great for cutting thread while wrapping rods. Vinyl coated open ring handle allow you to continuously wrap while holding scissors.

SC1 - Open Ring Thread Scissors

Utility Knife

Indispensable for trimming thread tie-offs. Useful in removing damaged guides in rod repair. Comes with 6 surgically sharp steel blades and safety cover. Deeply knurled grip for precision and safety.

K1 - Utility Knife w/6 Blades & Safety Cap
K2 - Package of 5 Knife Blades only

Reamer Abrasive

This industrial abrasive is a 36 grit aluminum oxide on a heavy resin bonded cloth which is perfect for gluing to rod blanks to make extremely durable power reamers or hand reamers. The 25 foot roll will make 2 to 4 reamers. Building instructions included.

36GX25 - 25 ft Roll of 1/2” Wide 36 Grit Reamer Abrasive
36GX75 - 75 ft Roll of 1/2” Wide 36 Grit Reamer Abrasive

cameraWatch Our Short Instructional Video "Makin' a Power Reamer"

White China Marker

This handy marker is the ideal tool for marking blank spines and guide spacing. Wipes off quickly and easily after use.

C5 - Box of 12 White China Markers

3M Masking Tape

This 3/4" Tape from 3M is a firm, high quality product which is a must for rod builders during virtually all phases of rod production. This is the best tape for making lifetime reel seat bushings. Also great for reel seat and blank protection during handle work, with no sticky residue.

3M12 - Pack of 12 rolls 3/4" 3M Masking Tape
3M48 - Pack of 48 rolls 3/4" 3M Masking Tape

Decorative Wrap Layout Jig

This tool makes the most complicated decorative butt wraps easy to layout. The package includes a circle template for marking the axis of the rod blank, a 12 inch long C-Thru ruler for precise measurements, and a precision cut “V” groove in the layout jig for lengthwise rod marking. The Flex Coat Decorative Layout Jig is a perfect accessory to the “Flex Coat Step By Step Decorative Rod Wrapping” books (D1 & D2).

DW2 - Decorative Wrap Layout Jig

Lettering Pen

Information such as builder, owner and blank specifications adds value to any fishing rod. This lettering pen provides a striking method of writing on a rod blank. For use with water-based inks and metallic enamel paints. Pen point and handle sold  separately.

H1 - Box of 12 Lettering Pen Point Handles
H2 - Box of 12 Lettering Pen Points - Extra Fine

cameraWatch Our Short Instructional Video "Writin' on Rods"

Cork Ring Clamp

Designed to compress cork rings together until the glue dries. Eliminates gaps between cork rings for a smooth, professional handle.

R24 - 24" Cork Ring Clamp

camera Watch our Short Instructional Video "Makin a Split Grip"

camera Watch our Short Instructional Video "Mixin’ and Applyin’ Epoxy Glues"

Mixing Cups & Sticks

Clear 1 oz. plastic cups and mixing sticks make a handy accessory to Flex Coat Finish and Epoxy Glue.

M10 - Package of 10 Cups & Sticks -Peg Board
C100 - 1 oz. Mixing Cups - Bulk Pack of 100
BSS100 - Bulk Pack of 100 Flex Coat Finish Stir Sticks

Yorker Caps

Many rod builders have been asking for these convenient Yorker Caps. FLEX COAT now offers  two sizes.

Y20 - Set of 2 Yorker Caps - Fits 1 oz. bottles
Y24 - Set of 2 Yorker Caps - Fits 2 oz., 4 oz., and 16 oz. bottles