Instructional Products

Step by Step Rod Building

The most useful "HOW TO" Book on rod building and finishing. Written and illustrated by Roger Seiders, president of Flex Coat Company, Inc. This informative book has 50 pages, more than 100 clear illustrations, charts, size guides and step-by-step instructions on all phases of rod building. Includes rod design, cork handles, determining spine, foam handles, installing tip top, wrapping guides, finishing wraps and tips for a professional finish. Great for both beginners and experienced rod builders.

D10 - Flex Coat Step by Step Rod Building

Start to Finish Rod Building

This book guides both beginning and advanced rod builders through every stage of fly rod design and construction in a logical, easy to follow sequence. It covers a variety of components and techniques at every stage during the construction of both freshwater and saltwater fly rods.This book contains 52 pages and over 100 detailed illustrations.

D20 - Start to Finish Fly Rod Building

Decorative Rod Wrapping Guide

Perfect for any rod builder who wants to learn the art of decorative rod wrapping. This is an easy to follow step by step instruction guide with complete diagrams showing how to wrap a variety of designs. These books pair well with the Flex Coat Decorative Layout Jig.

D1 - Decorative Wrapping Guide Book I Diamond, Flag, Box, Fish
D2 - Decorative Wrapping Guide Book II Maze, Thunderbird, Cross, Tuna

Rod Building, "How We Do It"

This video takes you through the basic steps of rod building how we do it. Roger Seiders, president of Flex Coat, shows you the tools you need, how to find the spine, build the rod handle, wrap and align the guides, and mix and apply the finish. We also show you advanced tools and techniques we use.

DVD1 - Flex Coat Rod Building “How We Do It” on DVD
DV1 - Flex Coat Rod Building “How We Do It” on VHS